Through My Way's "My Choice" settings page, you get Direct, One-Click Access to any Email Account, Chat Room, Portfolio, Calendar or Group on the Web!
On My Way we give you choices. The choice to use our own features, or to establish direct, one-click access to features and services that you use on other sites.

The choice is yours:

My Search

My Way offers not one, but FOUR of the Internet's leading search providers. Choose from Google, Yahoo!, and LookSmart as your My Way primary Search Provider.

My Chat

Connect with the chatters of your choice directly from My Way. Designate a primary Chat page, and we'll take you there straight from My Way Chat links.

My Portfolio

Like the Portfolio you've set up on Yahoo!? Don't want to create a new one on My Way? Just create a primary Portfolio and all My Way Portfolio links will click through to the Web-based Portfolio that you have selected.

My Calendar

Always stay just a click away from your online calendar while using My Way. Choose your primary Calendar (Yahoo! or MSN) and we'll provide your with direct access from My Way Calendar links.

My Groups

Want to keep tabs on your favorite online Groups? Establish a primary Groups provider and all My Way Groups links will take you directly to your Groups sign in page.

Changing your setting:

You may change your primary Email Account, Chat Room, Portfolio, Calendar or Group at any time by clicking within the "My Settings" box at the bottom of every My Way page.
Not seeing your requested settings?
Click on one of the five red links on the left and sign in. We'll then redirect you to the appropriate settings.
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