The Internet was once touted as the information superhighway. Instead of a superhighway, it has become more like an expressway at rush hour: slow moving and filled with obstacles, requiring that you navigate through the unwanted and the unexpected.

My Way has partnered with the Internet's leading search providers - Google,, Yahoo! and LookSmart - to feature the world's best search engine along with our full portal offering...all without banners, pop-ups, video ads, direct marketing and privacy concerns.


Some people don't mind a home page cluttered with ads and promos. However, we believe that most people would rather keep their Web experience simple, clean, and fast. And that's where My Way comes in. We don't serve banners or pop-ups on the My Way website. Period.

This means less clutter, lightning-fast pages, and more room for news, email, sports, finance, games, searches and whatever else you want.


Have you ever looked at the privacy policy of your home page? There's a good chance you'll find pages upon pages of legal language.

My Way's privacy policy is short, to-the-point, and easy to understand. It begins with a clear promise: We will not rent, sell or trade your personal information. It's as simple as that.


My Way provides a world-class offering of portal services. However, we recognize that you may be hooked on one or more services offered by another provider. To give you choice, we offer you the following options:

1) My Way Settings - Found at the bottom of every My Way page, your settings provide an easy means of getting direct, one-click access from My Way to another provider's email service, portfolio product, calendar, groups or chat community. This way, you can make My Way your home on the Internet, while accessing another provider's service with one click of the mouse.

2) My Way Search Providers - My Way Search features not one, but FOUR of the Internet's leading search engines: Google,, Yahoo! and LookSmart. And changing your primary search provider is easy - just click the "Search" link in your My Settings box at the bottom of any My Way page.

3) Data Importation - For Yahoo and MSN users ready to switch to My Way, we offer the ability to import your portfolio, bookmarks and email address book in seconds. Click here to learn how.


My Way makes money through clearly identified sponsored listings and text links. We also keep our expenses low by partnering with the best and most trusted providers in the business instead of doing everything ourselves.

Does it work? Yes. In fact, we have been profitable since our first month of operation.


We're glad you asked! Our goal is to be the best portal on the Internet, but we can't do it without your help. If you like what we're doing, please take a moment to spread the word about My Way.


We're thrilled with how well My Way has been received right off the bat, but we're not sitting still. We will continue to add and improve features on the site in the months and years ahead.

- The My Way Team

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